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Before After Hot Pour Crack Repair
Before After Hot Pour Crack Repair

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Asphalt Driveway_edited

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Driveway Maintenance Team's mission is to deliver affordable, long-lasting asphalt paving results that look good and reflect well on the property. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, providing our clients with great results on time and on budget.


We have built a reputation for excellence in asphalt paving services. We can professionally complete any residential, commercial or industrial project no matter how big or small. Every project is completed on time, on budget.


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Timmins, ON

About Us



Driveway Maintenance Team provides solutions for a variety of asphalt paving and interlocking needs as well as hot crack fill, crack grazing, lot sealing, lot power cleaning, and line painting to suit any commercial requirements. We offer total parking lot maintenance. We can develop a project from scratch or simply maintain an existing one.



Specializing in Interlock stone and Asphalt driveways. Our experts will grade your lot, pave, sealcoat, interlock and fulfill any of your exterior needs. Our existing maintenance program will make your pavement or interlock look like new for years to come.


Quality Standards

The successful completion of many
asphalt / interlocking projects will often depend on the quality of the workmanship and finish of the final product. Our cost-effective solutions guarantee your pavement / interlock smoothness and sustainability. Our asphalt only consists of high-quality stones, sand, and gravel, held together with the industry’s best asphalt product.



Our Services


  • New asphalt construction


  • New interlock stone construction


  • Retaining walls/steps


  • Asphalt resurfacing


  • Asphalt/interlock repair


  • Ramp construction


  • Hot pour rubber crack repair/grazing


  • Parking lines


  • Disabled parking/arrow indicators


  • Driveway sealing


  • Property maintenance